Level 4 Math

With their math facts now memorized, Level 4 Math students are ready to focus on more advanced concepts, from fractions and decimals to advanced whole number concepts like factors, multiples and rounding off, as well as more advanced word problems.

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Level 5 Math

Level 5 Math students are transitioning from using hands-on math manipulatives and colorful workbooks to preparing for higher level math classes.  This is the year that math gets ‘real’.  This class presents these harder concepts in easy to understand increments while still challenging their growing minds.   

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Level 6 Math

Level 6 Math students are getting a bit more independent and are ready to step it up.  This class builds on concepts that they’ve previously learned and presents them in challenging ways that require students to think logically and mathematically to prepare them for pre-Algebra next year.

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“This is one of my favorite classes to teach.  I hope my love for pre-Algebra rubs off on my students, even just a little bit.”  - Mrs. Box

Pre-Algebra students are getting ready for High School, mentally and emotionally.  This class teaches all the basic arithmetic and geometry skills needed for them to feel confident and be ready for Algebra I next year.

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Algebra I

‘What is Algebra?  Why do I need to know it?” - Every Algebra Student

“Algebra is so fun!  Taking a complex equation and simplifying it to a simple statement is super exciting.  And, even if you never use Algebra again, the logic and problem solving skills you use to solve these problems will benefit you for life.” - Mrs. Box

This class provides comprehensive Algebra instruction and will fully prepare students for their future Geometry and Algebra II classes.

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In-person class options 

Students local to Mission Viejo have the additional option of joining Mrs. Box for weekly in-person sessions where practice problems and homework questions will be covered.  Mrs. Box offers Level 5, Level 6, pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II in-person.  Message Mrs. Box directly for more information at [email protected].