For students entering Algebra I or anyone who struggled through it and needs help.

In this workshop, students will work their way through a series of self-paced video sessions covering key pre-Algebra concepts that provide a strong foundation for Algebra 1.  These skills will allow students to be successful and feel confident in their classes next fall.

We will start with a review of some important math concepts like factors, multiples, and exponents.  Then move on to cover such topics as order of operations, prime factorization, positive and negative numbers, recognizing like terms, solving for variables, simplifying equations, distributive property, and much more.  If your child struggled with pre-Algebra or Algebra 1, this is the right workshop for them.

Each workshop session will be progressive, gradually building on the concepts learned in the previous sessions.  Worksheets (and an answer key) will be provided for practice in between sessions. Mrs. Box is happily available to answer any questions you or your students have along the way.


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Algebra Prep Workshop