• Symbols of Inclusion
  • Evaluation of Algebraic Equations
  • Factoring Binomials and Trinomials
  • Negative Exponents
  • Substitution and Elimination
  • Graphing Linear Equations and Functions
  • Difference of Two Squares Theorem
  • Conjunctions and Disjunctions
  • Much, much more...


  • Syllabus provided for two 16-week semesters to help keep students on track.
  • Encouraging instruction presented in easy-to-understand virtual whiteboard sessions for EVERY lesson.
  • Course description, grading recommendations, and progress report templates.
  • Mrs. Box is just an email away to answer any questions you or your students may have along the way.  [email protected]


  • This class is appropriate for students in Grades 8-10.
  • Students MUST have successfully completed a pre-Algebra course prior to starting Algebra I.
  • Students who struggled through pre-Algebra should complete the Algebra Prep Workshop before starting Algebra I.

Algebra I Details


Algebra I is a two semester class that provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand instruction in the fundamental concepts and problem solving skills that help students develop the understanding they need to resolve more complex problems and functions.  Algebra I covers topics including order of operations, reciprocal and multiplicative inverse, symbols of inclusion, evaluation of algebraic expressions, the distributive property, area and volume,  product rule and power rule for exponents, functional notation, negative exponents, zero exponents, graphing linear equations and inequalities, rational expressions, conjunctions and disjunctions, polynomials, binomials, trinomials, Cartesian coordinate system and ordered pairs, scientific notation, rational equations, domain and range, uniform motion and distance problems, direct and inverse variation, Pythagorean theorem, exponential growth, radical expressions, the quadratic equation and much, much more.  

Students who successfully complete this class will be ready for Algebra II or Geometry the following year.

What you get:  

  • A 16-week syllabus for each semester to help you and your students stay on track
  • Virtual whiteboard instruction for every lesson
  • Course description
  • Grading recommendations and rubric 
  • 1st & 2nd semester progress report templates
  • 15 months of access
  • Access to Mrs. Box via email when you or your student need help along the way.

What you need:  

  • Saxon Algebra I Homeschool Kit - MUST BE Third Edition *
  • A quiet place for students to watch the videos. 
  • A spiral notebook designated for Algebra I notes only.
  • Students need time for Algebra homework 5 days per week.
  • Parents need time to grade one test per week.

* The Homeschool Kit includes:  Student Textbook, Test Booklet and Answer Key.  You will NEED them all for this class.  

*I highly recommend purchasing the Homeschool kit that includes the Solutions Manual.  The Solutions Manual shows step by step instruction for all homework problems.  Students who use this as a tool when they are stuck on how to do a problem, find it very helpful in the learning process.



Students are encouraged to use a calculator in Algebra.  I recommend a TI-30Xa.  It offers all the functions needed for this class.  You can find it for about $9 at Target.

I always recommend that my students keep a spiral notebook for all of their Algebra I notes to be kept in one place.  They should take notes while watching the video lessons. These notes will be vital to their homework success.

If your student found pre-Algebra difficult, or if they need a bit of practice for the knowledge and confidence to stick over the summer, please consider registering them for the Algebra Prep Workshop.


Full Year Class Fee:  $299


NOTE: Students local to Mission Viejo have the additional option of joining Mrs. Box for weekly in-person sessions where practice problems and homework questions will be covered.  Fee: $150 per semester.  Message Mrs. Box directly for more information.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to send an email directly to [email protected]

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