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"I believe that all students can do math, even the toughest concepts. It is my goal to help them be successful and feel confident in their own ability to do math." - Mrs. Box 


With a passion to make teaching math easier for homeschool families, Out of the Box Math was created to provide encouraging instruction through easy to understand math videos!  

COMING SOON:  New Content and a New Look!  

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Sara C.

As the parent of two very different learners, I’ve searched long and hard to find a great math teacher that is both effective and fun. Both of my boys, now grades 6 and 8, have used Mrs. Box and she has by far been their favorite teacher. She kept them at or above their math level and the boys both love her! Win-win!

Katie B.

I can say hands down that Mrs. Box is one of the best things to happen to our homeschooled family. We have taken everything from Math 4 to Algebra II with her. She is amazingly gifted, patient, and encouraging. Her videos are so smooth and easy to understand; I would have loved to have a teacher like her when I was younger.

Nicole H.

Mrs. Box isn’t just a good math teacher, she’s the best! She has a full understanding of math and is able to teach different approaches to concepts. This allows students who learn differently from each other, all to succeed. My daughter now sees math as more than formulas and memorization, but understands how to play with the numbers and approach problems with critical thinking.

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NEW content and a NEW look!!

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Math Classes

Out of the Box Math is excited to offer online Math Classes with Mrs. Box.  Mrs. Box currently offers Level 5 Math, pre-Algebra and Algebra I.  Classes are designed to make homeschooling math easier for parents and students.  

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Math Basics Workshop

Mastery of basic math concepts is critical. It provides a strong foundation for future math concepts. This workshop focuses on building that foundation so your child will feel successful and confident for years to come.

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Algebra Prep Workshop

“I believe that all students can be successful in Algebra and I am passionate about making sure they know it!!” - Mrs. Box

If your child found pre-Algebra or Algebra I difficult, or if they need a bit of practice for the knowledge and confidence to stick, this is the right workshop for them! 

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Looking for Something?

Coming Soon!  Level 4 and Level 6 Math classes will be available Fall 2021. But we know that every family has different math needs and it can be a challenge to find just the right resources.  If there is particular content you would like to see on Out of the Box Math that would make your homeschooling journey easier, please take a moment to let us know.

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Anna H. 

While originally I was bummed to go from in-person classes to online Algebra, I was pleasantly surprised. Mrs. Box has professional quality and easy to understand videos. I especially like her kind voice.

Averie V.

Thank you so much Mrs. Box! You are the best math teacher I have ever had, and ever will! I love that you demonstrate different ways to do something. That makes it easier to understand.

David V.

Mrs. Box is an excellent math teacher! She makes it easy to understand tough math concepts! She is a warm, caring teacher! 

Available Workshops and Classes

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